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This post is by The Shortcut Dad. 

A hotdog tutorial by The Shortcut Dad!

Ever since I was a kid, hot dogs have always been one of my favorite foods. The Shortcut Mom, ZJ, and I all enjoy them today, but we serve them differently. ZJ is still at the stage where we cut his food into pieces, and Deb likes to eat hers without a roll. My preference is to have my hot dogs on a bun, but as the only one in our home who does it creates a minor dilemma for me. Since I don’t eat hot dogs that often do I buy hot dog buns, knowing that they will go bad before I get to use them all or do I allow them to take up valuable freezer space? Thankfully, I’ve found a better way.

Nobody really likes the ends on a loaf of bread for their sandwiches, but they make the perfect substitute for a roll to eat with a hot dog and a slice of cheese.

What follows is an easy recipe – note that we keep our bread frozen to last longer, and for this recipe it assumes the same for cooking a hot dog in your toaster oven:

1. Set your broiler for 450 degrees, generally the highest setting for a toaster oven, and put some aluminum foil in the toaster tray to make cleanup easier.

2. Before cooking, put a lengthwise split, several sideways splits, or both to help grease drain from your hot dog. If you’re eating it on a hot dog bun, take the bun out of the freezer when you put the hot dog in the broiler.

3. Let the dog cook for 7-8 minutes, then turn it to the other side. If you’re cooking with a bun open it now so the inside can thaw. If you’re using a bread loaf end piece take the bread out of the freezer now. You can also set the cheese on whatever bread you are using at this time.

4. Give the hot dog another 7-8 minutes or when it looks ready. When you take it out put it on the bread and place it in the microwave to melt the cheese.

5. Depending on how deeply the bread was frozen, set the microwave for between 12 and 17 seconds. This is enough time to melt the cheese and thaw the bread without turning it soggy.

Lunch is served!

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